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Virtual Property Viewings During Coronavirus

Date Published 14 April 2020

Even though we are currently housebound due to Covid-19, our appetite for house hunting during the lockdown shows no signs of slowing down!

With this increase in demand, online estate agents from across the UK have had to adapt by introducing virtual tours of homes. This allows prospective buyers and tenants to enjoy a 3D-virtual 360-degree view of a house or flat with the ability to walk from room to room, from the comfort of their own home.

As one of Liverpool's leading estate agents, we at Marshall Property are doing everything we can to support our customers during this troublesome time. That's why we are also introducing virtual viewings of our properties. From houses for sale to student accommodation, we're ensuring that coronavirus doesn't stop you from finding your perfect home!

How virtual viewings work

There are a number of ways that virtual viewings can be created. One way is placing multiple sensors in each room to measure the depth and height. Each room is then filmed using a special type of camera that creates a 360 virtual view of inside and outside the property.

This can then be viewed on a smartphone or desktop computer and the estate agent can answer questions from a potential buyer who is on his or her device.

Of course, it's not always possible to go into a seller's home due to social distancing measures, but there are ways to do this safely, and if a property is empty - there's a possibility of a live-streamed tour.

This can be done using an iPad or an iPhone. The idea is that the estate agent walks the potential buyer through every room of the property and agrees on terms of sale.

It may seem a little out of the ordinary to rely completely on technology, but people from across the globe have been buying homes without seeing it in person long before the coronavirus outbreak.

Homeowners videos

Whether you're selling your house or have a property to rent, you don't need to leave it up to the estate agent to do the camera work.

Living in a digital world, technology has advanced so much that our smartphones can produce high-quality videos! This means sellers can make their own short videos and pass them onto estate agents to be uploaded online.

At Marshall Property we have produced a video to show our vendors how to film your property; From maximising your space to choosing which parts of your house to emphasise, there are a number of ways to maximise your chances of selling your home during these times.

Marshall Property estate agents are here for you!

Thanks to technology, house tours are still possible even during the coronavirus outbreak.

At Marshall Property Liverpool, we're here to help our customers during this unprecedented time as much as possible! From 360 virtual tours to ensuring documentation is signed electronically, we will keep the process of buying, renting or selling your home as smooth as possible.

If you're interested in a virtual tour or need to chat through any concerns, please get in touch with our team of property experts today!