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Marshall Auctions is a brand new, innovative, property auction service in Liverpool that sells each property in its own individual auction cycle. This allows for greater flexibility for both buyers and sellers in our house auctions.

It's the quickest auction service on the market, allowing you to get from listing to exchange in as little as three weeks! We have a team of experienced professionals that are ready to help you every step of the way and with this accelerated timeline you can avoid any delays associated with traditional sales methods & other auction services.

Why Sell With Marshall Auctions?

With our 12 years of experience, you can be confident that selling with Marshall Auctions will be smooth and swift.

  • The quickest auction service on the market
    Marshall Auctions offer an online service with a global reach, meaning maximum exposure for your property. We can get you from listing to exchange within 3 weeks! Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through each step, from listing your property to handling all legalities. With our accelerated timeline, you can avoid the delays commonly associated with traditional sales methods and other auction services.

  • Timescale to suit you!
    We understand that every seller has unique circumstances and timing requirements. At Marshall Auctions, we work closely with you to set a timescale that suits your needs.

    Whether you're looking for a quick sale or prefer a more extended auction period, we can tailor the timeline to align with your preferences. Our flexible approach ensures that you remain in control and can sell your property on your terms.

  • An extensive database of ready buyers
    One of the key advantages of choosing Marshall Auctions is our extensive database of over 16,000 ready buyers. These individuals have expressed a genuine interest in purchasing properties through us and trust us to find the right property for them.

    By tapping into this robust network, we can quickly match your property with qualified buyers, ensuring a higher likelihood of competitive bids and a faster sale.

Case Studies

Cherry Lane L4

Multiple offers and bids
Sold for £83,000
Exchanged and completed within 28 days of being marketed.

Cherry Lane

Woodcroft Road

Woodcroft Road L15

Multiple offers and bids
Sold for £92,000
Exchanged and completed within 28 days of being marketed.

Why Buy With Marshall Auctions?

We take pride in offering the lowest buyer administrative fees on the market. By minimising the financial burden on buyers, we attract more motivated bidders, increasing the chances of securing a top-tier price for your property.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do property auctions work?
    The principle of auction is based around security and speed of the transaction. The majority of legal work is done prior to the auction taking place by way of the provision of a legal pack. On the fall of the virtual hammer the buyer pays a deposit and exchanges contracts giving security the sale is going to proceed. The sale can be completed within weeks of the property being marketed. This all differs greatly from a traditional sale which often takes 4-6 months as the legal work has to be done after the offer is accepted and after a period of marketing. There is also no security for the seller as most buyers dont exchange contracts until the day they complete.

  • How to buy at a property auction?
    If you are interested in bidding on a property we are marketing, the first stage is to register yourself via our auction web page. You will be asked to accept terms and conditions and register your credit card to allow a deposit to be taken. We will then review your registration and get in touch with you to discuss the bidding process. We also have an online guide available on our website. Marshall auctions team are here to assist both buyers and sellers through their auction journey.

  • Can you get a mortgage on auction properties?
    Yes you can get a mortgage on an auction property. The key thing to remember is that auction sales complete much quicker than traditional sales so you will need to have your mortgage offer ready before the auction date. Our advice is to speak with our auction team early on as we can put you in touch with our specialist mortgage advisors.

  • How much are property auction fees?
    Marshall Auctions will charge a buyer an administration fee of £1,500 plus vat and a seller 1% subject to a minimum of £1500 plus vat. Marshall Auctions have the lowest auction fees when compared with all of our local competitors.

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