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Welcome to our blog! Here, the Marshall Property team will keep you up-to-date with the latest housing market news and the Liverpool property sector. And whether you’re selling, buying, renting or looking to acquire a buy-to-let property, we have plenty of top tips to help you on your way. Check back for updates from one of Liverpool’s leading estate agents.

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Biggest boost in house prices since 2020 28 February 2024

Biggest Boost in House Prices Since 2020
The start of this year marked a turning point in the housing market in Great Britain, with the average asking price for homes experiencing its most significant leap since the start of 2020. This change isn"t just a small tick upwards; it"s a notable jump, signaling a shift that has potential buyers and sellers buzzing with anticipation.... Read More

Stability to Mortgage rates held at 5.25% 28 February 2024

Stability to Mortgage Rates Held at 5.25%
In February 2024, amidst a backdrop of economic uncertainty and ongoing speculation, the Bank of England (BoE) took a decisive stance by maintaining the Base Rate at 5.25%. This decision, reached during their meeting ending on 31 January 2024, reflects a careful balance of opinions within the Monetary Policy Committee, evidenced by a majority vote of 6-3.... Read More

Ten tips on how to move home, Stress free! 05 February 2024

Ten Tips on How to Move House - Stress Free

So you started the search, found your dream home, completed the deal, sorted your mortgage and now your new house is ready to be moved into!

Moving to a new home is an exciting time; it"s a fresh start, the beginning of your next chapter and the start of your next adventure.... Read More

Ten things to know before renting a property 05 February 2024

Ten Things You Need to Know Before Renting a Property
Liverpool, famed for its maritime history, vibrant culture, and The Beatles, is now among the most sought-after cities in the UK for renters. Whether you"re attracted by its rich heritage, buzzing nightlife, or friendly Scouse charm, renting a property in this dynamic city is an experience in itself.... Read More

What are Buyers and Renters looking for in a property? 27 December 2023

What Are Buyers & Renters Looking For In a Property?
With the ever-evolving landscape of housing available, pinpointing exactly what modern-day home buyers and renters truly yearn for is daunting. Which features tip the scales in favour of one property over another, or what amenities are potential homebuyers and renters genuinely enthusiastic about?
The property giant, Rightmove, has recently delved deep into the matter to demystify these preferences.... Read More

Mortgage rate on track to drop below 5% this coming Autumn 27 December 2023

Mortgage Rates On Track to Drop Below 5%
The perennially unpredictable world of finance rarely offers a consistent story. But this autumn, the UK"s mortgage landscape is gearing up to make headlines, offering a glimmer of hope to prospective homebuyers and homeowners.... Read More

Searching for Student accommodation this month? We can help! 04 October 2023

Are You Searching for Student Accommodation in Liverpool this Month? We Can Help
The vibrant city of Liverpool is not just a hub of world-class music and football; it"s also a thriving centre of academic excellence. Each year, thousands of enthusiastic young minds flock to its historic streets, looking forward to the next chapter of their academic journey.... Read More

What is the mortgage charter and what does it mean for Me? 04 October 2023

What is the Mortgage Charter and What Does it Mean for Me?
If you own a home or plan to buy one in the UK, the current financial situation can feel quite unstable. With interest rates reaching 5.25%, it"s becoming increasingly challenging to achieve your dream of owning a home or getting an affordable mortgage, as the costs are rising rapidly.... Read More

Liverpool is the place to be - Why our City is best for renters! 06 September 2023

Liverpool is the place to be! Why our city is under the spotlight for home buyers
Are you looking for a new city to call home or perhaps wondering where to invest your hard-earned money? Liverpool is undoubtedly the place to be! Picture a city that seamlessly fuses history with modernity, culture with innovation, and spirit with style.... Read More

A guide to buying at Auction in Liverpool 06 September 2023

A Guide to Buying Property at Auction in Liverpool
Have you noticed the growing buzz around property auctions in Liverpool? There is a rising wave of people seeing property as the crown jewel of their investment strategy and many who would love to find out more about the process.... Read More

How to choose which are to live in! 12 July 2023

How to Choose Which Area to Live In

You"ve decided you"d like to move house but which area would you like to move to? Maybe you"re relocating to a new city and you"re unsure on where to start the search for your dream home - if this sounds like you, the team here at Marshalls Property can help.... Read More

How to make the most of your property? 12 July 2023

Your property represents both a sanctuary and a financial investment; it"s a place where memories are made, and a significant portion of your investment is stored, so understanding how to make the most of it not only secures a better future but also enhances your daily living too.... Read More