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10 Tips for Improving Property Value

Date Published 15 March 2019

If you're thinking of selling your property these few tips could help you to improve it and get yourself some extra cash!

• Identify & remedy structural problems. You should fix structural problems before tackling cosmetic improvements. Examples could be;
 Leaking roof with missing or broken tiles
 Rising damp
 Structural cracks to walls
 Bowing walls
 Rotten roof timbers
 Insect infestation
 Unstable chimney
 A collapsed floor

• Ensure central heating is in working order. Adding or updating the central heating will add value & needs to be done.
 Seal drafts around doors & windows
 Replace windows that are beyond repair with double glazing
 Add insulation to your loft space

• A loft conversion. A typical loft conversion costs £500-£600 compared to around twice the cost to do an extension. It's a great investment.

• Tackle superficial defects
 Peeling paint
 Squeaking or sticking doors & windows
 Door latches that don't work
 Mouldy sealant in the kitchen or bathroom
 Dripping taps
 Loose tiles
 Sewer smells
 Broken or damaged windows
 Squeaky floors or stairs
 Cracks in ceilings or plasterwork
 Lifting flooring

• Make over your kitchen or bathroom. This can be essential for both buyers & valuation surveyors & can give the property a new lease of life.

• Don't forget the garden

 Tidy it up
 Clean up, weed, tidy litter & dead plants
 Repair & feed lawn
 Cut back overgrown trees & bushes

• Add more storage space
 Dead space either side of chimney breast or end of corridors
 Space in eaves
 Under stairs space
 Space in attic

• Just by decluttering, adding a lick of paint & careful styling its possible to add 5-10% to the value of your property. Some simple ideas include;
 Adding wooden floors
 Repainting throughout in neutral shades
 Re-opening fireplaces
 Decluttering
 Upgrading light bulbs
 Cleaning windows
 Makeover to kitchen & bathroom
 Sanding floorboards
 Creating storage
 Stripping woodwork
 Styling with furniture, lamps & accessories and flowers

Obviously, some of these are larger tasks that wouldn't be undertaken lightly but even if you're intending to sell in the future, they could be worth considering. Some of the easier tasks can be easy to do and could bring you that larger return which is exactly what you want! Here at Marshall Property we can value your property for you & get you on the market! Contact us on 0151 733 1879 for more information.