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Date Published 04 March 2019

Moving out of your family home when you go to university is so exciting, but it can also be scary if it's your first time venturing out on your own. There's quite a lot to consider when it comes to finding somewhere to live, not just how close to the pub your new place is! All sorts of snags can come up, from not great landlords to not having a clue how much your bills are going to be so we're here with a few tips to help things run a bit more smoothly.
• If its your first time renting, then speak to people to find out about their experiences. Check out your university advice page to find out about the area you're thinking about living in if you're not already familiar with it. The student union can also offer free rental & legal advice. You can speak to us here at Marshall Property too, we're always happy to share our knowledge of the local area.
• Make sure you let your property through a reputable source. Here at Marshall Property we're part of NALS (National Approved Letting Scheme) which means that you're protected when letting a property through us. You can rest safely in the knowledge that you're going to a have a trustworthy, genuine landlord & an agent you can trust.
• When you let through an agent (such as us) you can be assured that your deposit is safe with us. We hold client money protection so that any money we hold for you is always held securely in the DPS (deposit protection scheme) until you claim it back after leaving your property.
• Make sure you're happy with who you're deciding to live with, you'll be on a joint tenancy with these people meaning that you'll be tied to them should anything go wrong. You want to make sure you choose people you trust seeing as you'll be liable if they don't pay their rent. Also read through any tenancy before you sign it, you want to be aware of any stipulations before signing that dotted line.
• Consider how much your living costs will be. Most of our student properties have bills included in the rent but occasionally it is separate so you would need to think about how much you can afford to pay. Also think about food, transport & general living costs so you never end up short.
There is a lot to think about when choosing a place to live but we're here to help with that. Get in touch now & let us find you the perfect home for academic year 2019/2020. Contact or call 0151 733 1879