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Company Spotlight - DC Law

Date Published 12 June 2018

Here at Marshall we work closely with several companies so that we can offer more than one service under our umbrella. One of those companies are conveyancing firm DC Law.

What is conveyancing?
Whether you're buying your first house, moving home or investing there are a lot of legal aspects to be taken into consideration. Accuracy is essential but so is speed & efficiency – you want everything to complete as smoothly as possible & that's where DC Law come in.
DC Law's conveyancing services are skilfully delivered and centred to each individual client's needs. They take care of the entire conveyancing process from pre-exchange to exchange of contracts, through to completion & post-completion.

Step by step process
1. Sale of your property – Once your sale is agreed you should inform your conveyancer.
2. Getting started – Your conveyancer will provide you with a formal instruction form & other documents.
3. Sale of your property – Your conveyancer will carry out all legal work involved in preparing your sale contracts.
4. Enquiries on your sale – Once conveyancer has received enquiries from the buyer's solicitors, they will aim to deal with them as soon as possible.
5. Mortgage details – If there is a mortgage on the property, they will deal with redeeming the mortgage for you.
6. Exchange of contracts – Exchange of contracts takes place between 2 parties' conveyancers, usually by telephone.
7. Completion of your sale – As soon as money has changed hands & contracts have been completed.

Why use DC Law?
• DC Law has a modern approach on solicitors
• They're accessible
• Conveniently approachable
• Better communication than traditional solicitors
• Fixed fee with competitive pricing
• Longer opening hours than traditional solicitors. 8am – 8pm on weekdays.
• Clear & accurate advice from experienced experts.
• Trusted service you can rely on.

If this sounds like something that you'd be interested in or for more information/quotes contact or call us on 0151 733 1879.