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Being a top tenant

Date Published 15 September 2018

Being a good tenant means you'll always be in your landlords good books, you're far more likely to be kept as a long term tenant & everyone will be happy all round. These are just a few tips for keeping your landlord on side.

• Look after the property that you're living in. If there are problems report them to your landlord immediately. This means that they're more likely to be sorted quickly and the landlord will appreciate you letting them know.
• Respect your landlords wishes. If they don't accept pets, then don't sneak any in. If they don't want you to decorate, then don't. You must remember that when you're renting you don't own the property. Don't change anything at the property that you couldn't easily change back when you leave.
• Always pay your rent on time. The landlord will possibly be using your rent to pay the mortgage on the property so it's important that you meet the agreed date for payment. Also, no landlord wants to have to chase tenants for late payments.
• Keep the property neat & tidy (inside & out) as that will keep everyone happy. It's your responsibility as the tenant of a property to maintain basic hygiene and take care of the home you're living in. If you don't, then the property will end up deteriorating and money could be taken from your deposit to rectify any problems.
• Don't avoid contact with your landlord. Just as you want to be able to get in touch with them they will want to contact you from time to time. Chances are if the landlord wants to speak to you it's going to be regarding the property and it's beneficial for you to know.

Do these things & you'll be the perfect tenant!