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Date Published 16 June 2020

Ready to Sell? Now's the Perfect Time to Refresh Your Home

The property market is now back in action, enabling house moves and viewings to take place again. If you're eager to sell, we recommend that you give your home a refresh beforehand; and with lockdown still keeping us mostly indoors, now is the time to do it!

Utilise your free time to improve your property's chances of selling ASAP. To help you out, we've created an easy checklist that can help you prepare your house for a viewing:

1. Minor repairs
First thing's first… get the tricky tasks out of the way! If you've been meaning to fix those little snags and cracks in your home for a while, roll your sleeves up and get them done and dusted.

Whether it's oiling a creaking door, re-grouting the kitchen or something as simple as fixing a broken blind, your home will instantly look more attractive to potential buyers. You'll feel better for it too!

2. First impressions count
You might assume that the interior of your home should be your main priority, but the outside is actually just as important. First impressions count for everything, and the first thing that a potential buyer will notice is the front of your house as they walk in.

With that in mind, make sure to remove any weeds and empty overflowing bins. It might also be worth giving your windows a clean to get them gleaming again.

3. Let natural light in
Did you know that good lighting can make a room look bigger? This is often an important factor for prospective buyers, so we suggest keeping all of your curtains and blinds open during the viewing.

For any rooms that struggle to let natural light in, e.g. a utility room or ensuite bathroom, just make sure that the lights are kept on when visitors are being shown around.

4. Keep the interior neutral
We're not suggesting that you redecorate completely, but keeping rooms as neutral as possible provides a ‘blank canvas' for people who are interested in your property. This allows them to imagine themselves living there, and means they won't be put off by bright colours that might not be to their taste.

5. Declutter
As well as toning down the colour in your home, it might also be a good idea to reduce the amount of clutter.

Like letting in natural light, decluttering creates the illusion of a larger room and will create a more aesthetically-pleasing environment. It's also the perfect lockdown activity, allowing you to clear your mind for a little while.

Looking to sell your home during lockdown?

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