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What to ask when viewing a house

Date Published 20 December 2019

There is always a sense of nervousness and excitement when viewing a property for the first time. Whether you're searching for your ‘forever home' or something more short-term, it's important that you ask some essential questions when looking around! We're going to take you through our top six questions to ask when viewing a house:

1. Why is the seller moving?
This first question is very important. If their reason for selling is because they want to upsize, you might want to consider whether this property is big enough for you. If the reason they're selling is because the property requires too much upkeep, you should certainly factor this in.

2. Has the seller already found another property?
This will give you an indication of how quickly they're looking to sell. If their answer is yes and you're keen to move in straight away, this is definitely good news!

3. What's the parking situation?
You should make sure there are enough parking spaces available near the property, and that the parking suits your needs. For example, if you require wheelchair access or have small children, you might prefer parking down a drive rather than on a main road.

4. Is there public transport nearby?
This is an important one if you commute to work using public transport, or if this is your only way to get around! Ask the estate agent or seller about nearby bus stops, train stations and the different routes available.

5. How much are bills and council tax?
If this property is larger than your current home, you might want to know about the possible extra costs. It's also worth noting that council tax bands differ depending on the local authority. If you're looking to move somewhere new, this is something to bear in mind.

6. What is included in the sale?
Viewing the property allows you to see exactly what you're getting for your money. But you should try and find out what is actually included. For example, does the garden shed come with the house? Do the fixtures and fittings? Make sure what you're seeing is what you're getting.

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These are just some of the many questions to ask when viewing a property, but we hope they've given you some food for thought!

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