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New Year - good time to sell?

Date Published 10 December 2019

You'd be mistaken in thinking that the property market goes quiet over Christmas but its one of our busiest periods. People assume that Christmastime isn't a good time to market their property but it's a great time to sell. Traffic to property search engines increases massively over New Year, with people using their time off to browse new homes.

Right Move reported 26% more traffic from January with everyone wanting to enter the new year with a fresh start and brand-new home. If you're looking to instruct an agent & advertise your property in the new year then this is the perfect time. Having your property ready to go will help when you begin advertising in the New Year.

Right Move's busiest days of 2019 were

1. 13th January
2. 21st January
3. 27th January
4. 2nd January
5. 18th February
6. 12th January
7. 3rd February
8. 24th April
9. 14th August
10. 6th February

After the hustle & bustle of Christmas, people go into the new year with a renewed interest in moving house & we typically see a 10% increase in buyers during the month of January. Now is the time to tidy up your property & get it ready to be sold! We can advise you along your entire selling journey so get in touch today. More for information contact or call 0151 733 1879