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Buy-to-Let in Liverpool

Date Published 01 April 2019

With tax reforms, the removal of mortgage interest relief, extra stamp duty & new tighter rules around mortgage borrowing a lot of landlords are now exiting the investment market. The buy-to-let market has dropped considerably but there are still parts of Britain where you can make a decent yield & Liverpool is one of them. The 70,000-strong student population has helped to boost the demand for these rental properties.
Three postcodes in Liverpool are amongst the top 10 most profitable locations for landlords with L7 (Edge Hill, Fairfield & Kensington) & L6 (Anfield, Everton, Fairfield, Kensington & Tuebrook) taking first & second place with average yields of 11.79pc & 11.59pc respectively, thanks to their proximities to the cities 3 universities. Then we also have L1 (city centre) coming in at 7th place.
Many investors who had originally set their sights on London are now re thinking this and setting their sights on Liverpool instead where the yields now far exceed those in the capital. If you're an investor looking for another property consider Liverpool as there is so much potential for great profit.
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