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Is the auction for you?

Date Published 07 January 2019

We've posted here before about our in-house auction team at I Am Sold but we thought it was time we shared the benefits of the auction process for anyone who's unsure whether it's the right path for them or not. There's a lot of misconceptions around the auction process, the modern method of auction isn't like Homes Under The Hammer with everyone scrambling to put a bid in, but an easy & secure way of selling.

• The auction process is good for motivated & keen sellers.
• It's great for anyone looking to have their property in a competitive bidding zone.
• Your property will have the truest market value.
• There are no fees to the vendor.
• If you're looking for a speedy sale this is the way to go – 56 days to exchange & complete vs the open market which can take 3-4 months on average.
• You get maximum exposure. We will advertise your property & I Am Sold will also advertise.
• The auction is open people all around the world.
• The auction offers a secure sale. The buyer will put down a non-refundable holding fee & there is a fall through rate of only 3% vs the 30% with traditional sales.

If you had any doubts before whether putting your property in the auction is the correct thing for you hopefully these points will have put your mind at rest. For more information or to start the auction process contact or call 0151 733 1879