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Tips for Students

Date Published 06 November 2018

Whether you're a first-year student or a third-year student, choosing your accommodation for the next year is something that you want to get right. Read our tips to make sure you find the best place to live.

• Start viewing properties much earlier than you think you should. Properties are available to reserve now for academic year 2019/2020 so don't wait around. The earlier you look, the better properties you will find. This is especially important if you're in a group that want to live together, if you have a specific amount of people all wanting to share one house, the earlier you look the more likely you are to find somewhere nice that's going to have room for all of you.
• Don't choose the first property you see unless you're certain it's absolutely the right one. If you start your search early enough then you will have enough options that you won't need to be impulsive. Also, ensure that wherever you choose is of a good enough standard for you to live in for the year. Finding a bargain is all well & good but if you can't bear where you're living it will be a long year.
• When it comes to deciding who to live with, you also need to give it some careful consideration. Remember, you all must get along together for a whole year so make sure you choose people who you're comfortable with & if you hate mess perhaps don't pick your messiest pal.
• Choosing the right location for your home for the next year is also super important. Remember, you're going to live here for the whole of the academic year so make sure you choose somewhere close to uni or good transport links to uni. You want to be close to shops & supermarkets if possible to save too much of a journey back with your shopping. If you stick to the typical student areas, you'll probably also be close to pubs & cafes which is a bonus.
• When it comes to choosing an area to live in make sure you do a little research first. If where you're looking isn't a typical student area, have a look around & get a feel for the area. You want to feel safe & secure where you're living.
• While living in rented accommodation (opposed to student halls) you'll benefit from a lot more freedom & independence but with that comes more responsibility. You will need to budget your money for rent, bills & food and you'll also oversee your own admin. Make sure that you're organised.
• Once you've found your property and moved in you'll want to keep the property in good condition to make sure you keep your deposit at the end of your tenancy. Check with your landlord before hanging pictures or drilling into the walls and make sure you keep your space neat & tidy. You'll be happy you did this when it comes to moving out & you get your deposit back.