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Being a top landlord

Date Published 28 August 2018

Being a good landlord means that you'll keep your tenants for longer and you won't end up with an empty property which is less an ideal. Here are a few tips to keep your tenants happy.

• Be reachable. For the most part, if your tenant is trying to reach you they probably have a good reason. There's nothing worse for a tenant than having a landlord they can never get into contact with. Obviously, you don't want tenants harassing you at all hours but make sure you give them a way to contact you, even if that's an email address that you check regularly.
• If your tenant reports maintenance issues, address them promptly. This will benefit you in the long run and it will ensure that your tenants stay happy in your property.
• Be flexible with requests from your tenants, obviously within reason. Don't say no straight away, consider each request individually as a small change to your property could give you long term tenants.
• Respect your tenants privacy. You need to always make sure that you give tenants 24 hours' notice if you intend to visit the property and make sure that they're aware of any contractors that could be visiting.
• Treat your tenant well. If you have a good tenant in your property then treat them as such, a good tenant can be hard to find and you need them more than they need you. They pay your mortgage after all. If the property has wear and tear, then do any odd jobs that need doing. You'd have to do all that and more to secure yourself a new tenant should the existing tenants move out.
• Always give careful consideration before increasing rent as this could force your tenants to move out unnecessarily which you don't want. Rent should only be raised out of necessity rather than greed.

These are just a few things that can make sure you're the best landlord you can be. Good landlord + happy tenants = steady income.