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Landlord Licensing Scheme

Date Published 10 July 2018

It is now compulsory that all private landlords must obtain a licence for each of their rented properties. The scheme has been introduced under the governments selective licensing laws & signing up is compulsory. The scheme will ensure that all landlords in the city are ‘fit & proper'. Before the license is granted the council will be checking that landlords declare convictions for dishonesty, violence or drug related offences. Breaches of housing, landlord or tenant laws. Properties must meet fire, electric & gas safety standards & be in a good state of repair. Landlords must also be able to deal effectively with any complaints about their tenants.
If a landlord can't meet the ‘fit & proper' landlord criteria the scheme sets out they will be refused a licence. Bad landlords who do not care about their properties will move out of the market making Liverpool an attractive prospect for good landlords. The scheme will improve the rental market in Liverpool by raising standards & helping to identify non-compliant landlords & management agents who do not invest in their properties. Landlords will also benefit from a more professional & robust market with more sustainable longer-term tenancies.
Here at Marshall Property we are a part of the National Approved Letting Scheme meaning that if we manage your property for you we can apply for your landlord license on your behalf at a discounted rate. The discount is made because we have already committed to meeting certain standards & have fewer compliance checks to make as a result.
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