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Welcome to our blog! Here, the Marshall Property team will keep you up-to-date with the latest housing market news and the Liverpool property sector. And whether you’re selling, buying, renting or looking to acquire a buy-to-let property, we have plenty of top tips to help you on your way. Check back for updates from one of Liverpool’s leading estate agents.

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Top tips for selling your home this Spring 05 May 2022

Top Tips For Selling Your Home This Spring

Spring has sprung, and the desire to freshen up our homes with it! The weather is getting nicer, and this tends to be the time of year when people start to think about fresh starts, which usually involves moving!... Read More

Top 5 Interior design trends for 2022 18 February 2022

The last couple of years has been challenging to say the least, and many of us have changed the way we use our homes as a result. Read on to discover the interior design trends that we think will be the most popular in 2022.
Multipurpose Rooms

There has been a significant increase in people working from home the last couple of years, and those without a home office had to be a little more creative with their space by combining two rooms into one.... Read More

How to save energy at home 18 February 2022

How To Save Energy At Home

With the rising cost of energy bills on the horizon, learning how to save energy at home has never been more important! Small every day actions such as leaving your TV on standby, or overfilling the kettle, could be costing you hundreds of pounds a year.... Read More

Afford ability when upsizing 22 December 2021

Can I Afford to Move to a Bigger House?

Sooner or later, everyone gets itchy feet about where they live. Either you need more space, or simply want more, and you start to consider whether you have the money to move to a bigger house.

The question everyone asks themselves when considering making a move is: can I afford to move to a bigger house?

As much as a 4-bed might appeal when you are only living in a 3-bedroom house, there is a lot to consider.... Read More

Kerb appeal 22 December 2021

How to Maximise Your Property"s Kerb Appeal

We all know the expression, "first impressions count". This is certainly the case at house viewings, something the Marshall Property team have witnessed over the years!

If you"re thinking of selling your home, we highly recommend raising its ‘kerb appeal" (how attractive your house looks from the kerb) in order to increase your chances of selling.... Read More

Should I buy a new build property? 06 December 2021

Are you considering buying a new build property rather than an older, existing home? Here we discuss some of the pros and cons of new builds to help you decide whether it"s the right option for you.


Energy efficiency: A major perk of new build properties is that they have to comply with modern building requirements, making them a lot more energy efficient.... Read More

Advantages of using an Estate Agent 06 December 2021

You might be wondering, "should I use an estate agent to sell my property?". Of course, you can go it alone and do it privately, but the majority of people do end up using one - and for good reason. Here we discuss the benefits of using an estate agent to manage and oversee the sale of your home:

1.... Read More

5 Questions to ask as a first time buyer 29 October 2021

5 questions to ask as a first time buyer

Purchasing your first property is probably one of the biggest commitments you will ever make in your lifetime.

With that in mind, we"ve put together a list of questions you should be asking to make sure that now is the right time for you to get on the property ladder.... Read More

5 Reasons why you should move to Liverpool! 22 October 2021

5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Liverpool

Known for its friendly residents, iconic music scene, vibrant history and its famous football clubs, it"s not a surprise that Liverpool is one of the most desirable places to live in the UK. If you"re considering making the big move, you probably want to know a bit more about the city"s practical offerings - e.... Read More

Home improvements soar in UK following lockdown 11 August 2021

Home Improvements Soar in the UK Following Lockdown

Considering converting your loft into another bedroom or adding an extension to create more space in your home?

A new report, published by Barbour ABI, has revealed the most popular home improvements in the UK in 2020.... Read More

Making moving home with Children easier! 26 July 2021

How to Make Moving House with Children Easier

Moving house is often listed as one of the top life events which can cause stress levels to rise, and things can certainly prove even more tricky once you add babies, toddlers or older children into the mix!... Read More

Should I move? 28 June 2021

Over 50% of homeowners claim their property doesn"t meet their needs

According to a recent survey conducted by Zoopla, just over half of the UK homeowners who participated said that their current property doesn"t fully meet the needs of themselves and their families.... Read More