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Reasons we love Liverpool 07 August 2018

We"re pretty biased (being born & raised in Liverpool) but we think Liverpool is great & we"re not the only ones. Plenty of students who study in the city stay on after University & we"re inundated with tourists daily. We just wanted to share a few reasons of why we love the city so much.... Read More

Nil Deposit Scheme 24 July 2018

Renting a property can be a costly process. You"ve got your application fees, holding deposit & then your first months rent when you move in, along with any furniture & other moving costs. That"s a lot of money coming out of your pocket at the start of your tenancy.... Read More

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation 20 July 2018

Thinking about relocating? Whether you"ve got a new job or you"re moving to be closer to family, the thought of having to relocate can be a very stressful one. There"s plenty of think about - selling your existing home & buying a new one or giving notice on your rented home & finding something suitable in a new area you may not be familiar with.... Read More

Landlord Licensing Scheme 10 July 2018

It is now compulsory that all private landlords must obtain a licence for each of their rented properties. The scheme has been introduced under the governments selective licensing laws & signing up is compulsory. The scheme will ensure that all landlords in the city are ‘fit & proper".... Read More

Company Spotlight - JP Financial 10 July 2018

Here at Marshall we work closely with several companies so that we can offer more than one service. Another of those companies is JP Financial. JP Financial are expert financial advisors based in Liverpool who can provide mortgage & insurance advice tailored to the individual"s needs.... Read More

Saving for a deposit 03 July 2018

Are you thinking about buying a house? First things first you need to work on getting your deposit together. Here are a few tips & tricks to get you started. • Set yourself a budget and stick to it. Whether that means making yourself a spreadsheet to keep yourself in check or just working out how much you can afford to put away each month every little amount is going to help.... Read More

Council to tackle empty properties in Liverpool 26 June 2018

Liverpool City Council wants to purchase empty houses & land around Liverpool as large number of houses sitting vacant has risen again. Official figures reveal that the number of homes sitting vacant for 6 months or more has risen for the 3rd year in a row.... Read More

Company Spotlight - DC Law 12 June 2018

Here at Marshall we work closely with several companies so that we can offer more than one service under our umbrella. One of those companies are conveyancing firm DC Law. What is conveyancing? Whether you"re buying your first house, moving home or investing there are a lot of legal aspects to be taken into consideration.... Read More

New law offers landlords & tenants greater protection 08 June 2018

Any money paid to landlords through letting agents will now be protected after the government set out regulations that all agents must now hold any funds in a safeguarded scheme. Agents are estimated to hold £2.7 billion in payments (rental payments, money for repairs & maintenance).... Read More

NALS Membership 05 June 2018

Marshall Property is delighted to announce that we are part of the co-regulatory arrangement between the National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS) and Liverpool City Council"s Landlord Licensing Scheme which launched in the city on 11th January 2015. Our membership enables us to offer our landlord clients a 50% discount off the licensing registration fee.... Read More

Buy-To-Let - Pros & Cons 29 May 2018

If you"re looking to break into the property business then a buy-to-let can be a great venture but there are a few pros and cons you need to consider first. Pros • Property is still a relatively safe investment. Over the long-term prices should still increase and you will end up with a profit.... Read More

First Time Buyers Guide 15 May 2018

Whether you"ve got your savings already or you"re starting at the bottom our guide should help you navigate the tricky world of being a first-time buyer. • Can you afford a mortgage? Are you going to be able to afford your repayments? People think that renting is a negative thing but if it means you can carry on saving and contribute more to your mortgage then it"s a very positive thing.... Read More