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Energy Saving Hacks

Date Published 23 October 2018

Following our simple tips could save you up to £350 per year on your energy bills which can be a big help over these cold winter months!

• Switching supplier can save you a fair bit of money. Shop around for the best deal.
• Make your home eco-friendly – better insulation, new boiler, solar panels etc will really help to conserve energy & save you money as well.
• Turning down your thermostat by just 1% can cut around 10% off your heating bills. This tends to save around £75 per year.
• This is a simple one but making sure you turn off lights when leaving a room can make a considerable difference to your bills. Also using energy saving lightbulbs is helpful.
• Filling your washing machine, dryer & dishwasher each time you use them uses less energy than 2 half loads. You should always wash clothes at 30c & don't use your dryer if you can help it.
• When making a cup of tea just boil the amount of water you need. There's no need to boil a full kettle each time.
• Turning off your appliances at the plug socket when you're not using them can save you an average of £30 per year (& make your home safer!).
• You can save up to £25 per year by washing dishes in a bowl rather than leaving your water running.
• Seal cracks in floors & skirting boards, line your letterbox & block an unused chimney to reduce your heating bills by up to £25 per year & keep your home toasty in the winter.
• Insulating your loft can save you a massive £200 off your energy bills each year. This is a slightly more expensive trick but absolutely worth it in the long run.
• Shower rather than using the bath & limit how long you're showering for.
• Unplug your phone from the charger & the wall when your phone is fully charged.
• Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
• Avoid blocking radiators with furniture that absorbs the heat.

These are just some simple tips to save energy & money! They're super easy to do & while you won't notice a difference your bank account certainly will.