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Don`t fall foul of fake tenants this year

Date Published 08 January 2019

With January in full force, a lot of people are looking for a fresh start in a new home meaning that we`re seeing an influx of applications for properties. Before moving into a new property, tenants will be subjected to referencing to check on their suitability to rent. This is to ensure that they can afford the rent, don`t have poor credit history, are able to rent in this country & a previous landlord reference to make sure they`re going to be a good tenant.
Tenancy application fraud is on the rise. More genuine tenants than ever are being turned down by referencing firms but there is evidence that fraudulent tenants are making it through. People with fake bank accounts, made up jobs, employers are non – existent & applicants who should not even be in the country. It`s so important to go with an agent who uses a reputable referencing firm to make sure references are legit.
That`s why here at Marshall Property we work with a reputable referencing firm to ensure that all of our tenants are fully referenced using a thorough process that means landlords can rest assured that quality tenants are going into their properties. If you`re a landlord who`s looking to fill your property, rather than doing this yourself & facing a possible stressful situation, why not come to us and let us do the hard work for you? For more information contact or call 0151 733 1879