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First Time Buyers Guide 15 May 2018

Whether you"ve got your savings already or you"re starting at the bottom our guide should help you navigate the tricky world of being a first-time buyer. • Can you afford a mortgage? Are you going to be able to afford your repayments? People think that renting is a negative thing but if it means you can carry on saving and contribute more to your mortgage then it"s a very positive thing.... Read More

Re-Mortgaging 01 May 2018

Would you like a better deal on your existing mortgage or to borrow money against your property? Re-mortgaging may be for you. Moving lenders can get you a better deal but before leaving your existing lender you should challenge your current lender to give you a new offer.... Read More

Improving Your Credit Score 21 April 2018

A good credit score is something that you should aim to have especially if you"re hoping to be a home owner. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that. • Keep a close eye on your credit card balance, pay your balance and keep it low. If you have multiple credit cards it may be worth consolidating them into one personal loan.... Read More

Final Moving Checklist 10 April 2018

Moving house is a stressful time and it"s easy to forget these crucial things you need to do before moving. • You should start sorting out and packing up your belongings with plenty of time to spare. You can exchange and complete within a week and you don"t want to be held back moving into your new house because your old house is in chaos.... Read More

Turnkey: Marshalls Offer The Complete Package 20 March 2018

Here at Marshall Property Construction we provide construction, maintenance and facilities management solutions as well as all services from outline proposals, scheme designs, surveys, planning applications, planning negotiations, working drawings and building control submissions.... Read More

Mistakes Sellers Make 10 March 2018

There are a lot of mistakes that sellers typically make when it comes to selling their house and that can make the difference between selling quickly and your property being on the market for a while. • Overpricing is a big problem. After receiving your valuation from your agent, you should trust their judgement when it comes to pricing.... Read More

Boosting Your Mortgage Chances 06 March 2018

• You"re not going to fit into every lender"s criteria. If you do then you should be accepted quickly and if not then you won"t be. Lenders will look at a few things to decide; o The size of the loan you"d like to take o How much deposit you"ve saved o Your employment status & income o Your credit rating o Your outgoings o Your existing debt • You should check your credit score before the lenders do & correct any errors if you find them.... Read More