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When you’re renting you can be limited to how much you can decorate the property and make it your own but there are things you can do to make where you’re living feel like a home. You may not be able to paint or hang pictures but there are ways around this.

  • Some landlords may allow you to decorate if you restore the property when you leave so wallpapering may be an option for you. You can get ‘easy up, easy down’ wallpaper which is very easy to remove, meaning that it wouldn’t be a chore to put the property back as you found it when you move out. You could choose some funky wallpaper and have a statement wall which could really jazz up a plain magnolia room.
  • Hanging photos isn’t always allowed in rented properties but you could still choose interesting prints in fancy frames and lean them against the wall on top of a chest of drawers or unit. Putting different shapes and sizes next to each other adds texture and interest to a room and they don’t need to be hung to make an impact. Having them on a mantlepiece or piece of furniture should suffice.
  • If you’re in furnished accommodation and you didn’t get to choose your sofa, how about adding some throws or colourful cushions? These additions can cover a sofa or chair that you maybe wouldn’t have chosen yourself.
  • Plants can add a lot to any room. Get yourself some greenery in nice pots and it will make a room look a lot more homely and like you’ve made a lot of effort.
  • You should display belongings and knick-knacks around the place. If you have everything stowed away in cupboards it can make a room look sterile and not lived in but having your belongings around the house make a room look lived in and show your personality without having to make any permanent changes.

These are just a few ways you can easily decorate your rented home and make it feel like your own!   

Apartment vs House


Whether you’re renting or buying there’s always the important decision of whether you’d like to live in a house or an apartment. Here are a few pros and cons to think about.




  • Cheaper utility bills. A flat usually means a smaller space with less rooms to heat.
  • You can find an apartment for a cheaper price in your desired area.
  • Living in an apartment means you’re only responsible for your living space. The communal areas & grounds outside are looked after by the person who owns the property.

 Cons –

  • If the building doesn’t have a lift upper floors can be a problem for some people.
  • The majority of flats don’t have access to a garden or any outdoor space.
  • In an apartment you often have limited storage space which isn’t always ideal. There’s also no option to add an extension of any kind to expand your space. You need to work with what you have.



Pros -

  • Houses often have quite a bit of space and you may even have the option of adding an extension of some variety.
  • You can have more privacy in your own house. Apartments often have thin walls you can hear everything through but houses tend to be more self-contained.
  • Most houses come with some outdoor space whether that’s a garden or even a small yard.

 Cons -

  • You’re responsible for the whole property including outside which can mean a lot of maintenance.
  • Safety can be a concern. You’re more likely to be burgled living in a house as opposed to an apartment.
  • Financially a house can cost you more. Insurance, energy and car insurance can be higher when you live in a house.

No matter what kind of property you choose to live in, there are always going to be things you like and things you don't but we can help you find something that's pretty close to perfect! 

Reasons to buy


Following on from last weeks post we thought we'd go over the benefits of buying your own home. 


  1. Everything is completely personal. Do you want a pink front door? You can have it. Would you love a bright red living room? Go for it. When you own your own home you've got free reign to do whatever you like. No matter how wacky your tastes you can fulfil your desires whereas in a rental property it isn't always that easy. 
  2. Pets. If you own your own home you can have as many pets as you please. Landlords often don't allow dogs in their rental properties but in your own house if you want 101 Dalmatians you can have them. 
  3. It's an investment. Buying your own home means that you're investing into something that can be passed down to your children or sold and then the money used to bankroll an amazing trip when you retire. Paying your mortgage every month may seem like a drag but just think of the return you'll get when it's all paid. You'll be feeling satisfied in 25 years I assure you.
  4. If you're ready then go for it. Getting mortgage and buying a house isn't something that should be taken lightly. It's a big step and everything must be considered. If you're financially sound with a stable job and it's what you want to do you should do it. It's scary but also very exciting. It offers you stability and like we've already said, it's an investment for your future.
  5. Building equity. House prices may not increase so much over the first five years but come thirty years you should be looking to see a fantastic return. Especially if you've made positive improvements to your home. 


So we've covered both bases, buying and renting. Hopefully if you were undecided these points may have given you something to consider. Check out the properties we're selling at the moment here. You may just find your dream home!

Liverpool is a great place (we obviously think so!) and tourists seem to agree! There are so many reasons that Liverpool is a wonderful place to set up home.

  • If you’re into history then Liverpool is full of it! Whether you’re interested in the Titanic or The Beatles there’s so many interesting stories woven into Liverpool’s history.
  • Culture in the city is a large part of Liverpool’s make up. So many famous bands have come out of this city and you can learn about their history at the Museum of Liverpool which is situated on the gorgeous waterfront. There is also the Maritime Museum and the World Museum if you’d like to discover more about Liverpool’s rich history.
  • The nightlife in the city is varied and thriving. No matter what kind of music you like there’s somewhere for you to go. Whether you enjoy a casual pub or a glamourous club Liverpool City Centre has something for you and that’s not to mention the suburban areas like Lark Lane or Crosby where you can also enjoy a night out.
  • Liverpool is lucky enough to have 2 major football teams residing in Liverpool so whether you’re red or blue we’ve got you covered.
  • We’re also lucky enough to have 2 big cathedrals in Liverpool, both very beautiful but very different.
  • Liverpool One is a shopping centre filled with every shop you can think of and that’s without all the shops on Lord Street. In Liverpool we’ve got you covered from department stores to small niche stores you’ll find whatever you’re looking for.
  • The independents game is strong here in Liverpool. There are so many independent restaurants popping up all over the city and they’re serving every type of delicious food you can imagine.
  • Liverpool has 4 universities all specializing in different subjects. How many cities are so lucky to have so many places to study?

This is just a small list of why Liverpool is fabulous but there’s a reason people come and never leave!

Reasons to rent 


It's drummed into us from a young age that when you grow up you buy a house but that may not be for everyone. Renting can be a very worthwhile endeavour and here are some reasons why it can be so great.


  1. No repair costs. When you own your own house if something breaks you need to fix it but when you're a tenant you have the luxury of calling up your landlord and requesting that they fix the broken lock etc. Maintenance costs on a home can really add up and sometimes things crop up when you're not in the best financial state to deal with them. Renting makes sure that this doesn't happen to you. 
  2. Smaller deposit. So the majority of rental properties do require a small deposit (usually a months rent) but this is vastly smaller and much easier to save than the deposit required on buying a home. 
  3. Moving on. Renting means that you can keep your options open. Should you want to upsize (or downsize) you can easily do so. If you're offered a new job in another city you can easily take it without worrying about selling your home. 
  4. City living. If you're somebody who likes living right in the city centre renting makes that possible. The cost of a mortgage of a city centre property is considerably more expensive than the rent on a property in a similar area. 
  5. Home owners insurance premiums tend to be a lot higher than renters insurance. This is just a small thing but every penny counts.


So you see, renting is often looked down on as a waste of money but there are plenty of reasons why it may be the best option for some people. We've got plenty of beautiful rental properties on our website. Pop over and have a look. You may find your next home!

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