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Reasons to buy


Following on from last weeks post we thought we'd go over the benefits of buying your own home. 


  1. Everything is completely personal. Do you want a pink front door? You can have it. Would you love a bright red living room? Go for it. When you own your own home you've got free reign to do whatever you like. No matter how wacky your tastes you can fulfil your desires whereas in a rental property it isn't always that easy. 
  2. Pets. If you own your own home you can have as many pets as you please. Landlords often don't allow dogs in their rental properties but in your own house if you want 101 Dalmatians you can have them. 
  3. It's an investment. Buying your own home means that you're investing into something that can be passed down to your children or sold and then the money used to bankroll an amazing trip when you retire. Paying your mortgage every month may seem like a drag but just think of the return you'll get when it's all paid. You'll be feeling satisfied in 25 years I assure you.
  4. If you're ready then go for it. Getting mortgage and buying a house isn't something that should be taken lightly. It's a big step and everything must be considered. If you're financially sound with a stable job and it's what you want to do you should do it. It's scary but also very exciting. It offers you stability and like we've already said, it's an investment for your future.
  5. Building equity. House prices may not increase so much over the first five years but come thirty years you should be looking to see a fantastic return. Especially if you've made positive improvements to your home. 


So we've covered both bases, buying and renting. Hopefully if you were undecided these points may have given you something to consider. Check out the properties we're selling at the moment here. You may just find your dream home!

Reasons to rent 


It's drummed into us from a young age that when you grow up you buy a house but that may not be for everyone. Renting can be a very worthwhile endeavour and here are some reasons why it can be so great.


  1. No repair costs. When you own your own house if something breaks you need to fix it but when you're a tenant you have the luxury of calling up your landlord and requesting that they fix the broken lock etc. Maintenance costs on a home can really add up and sometimes things crop up when you're not in the best financial state to deal with them. Renting makes sure that this doesn't happen to you. 
  2. Smaller deposit. So the majority of rental properties do require a small deposit (usually a months rent) but this is vastly smaller and much easier to save than the deposit required on buying a home. 
  3. Moving on. Renting means that you can keep your options open. Should you want to upsize (or downsize) you can easily do so. If you're offered a new job in another city you can easily take it without worrying about selling your home. 
  4. City living. If you're somebody who likes living right in the city centre renting makes that possible. The cost of a mortgage of a city centre property is considerably more expensive than the rent on a property in a similar area. 
  5. Home owners insurance premiums tend to be a lot higher than renters insurance. This is just a small thing but every penny counts.


So you see, renting is often looked down on as a waste of money but there are plenty of reasons why it may be the best option for some people. We've got plenty of beautiful rental properties on our website. Pop over and have a look. You may find your next home!


School league tables are not only relevant for your children’s education but also for the worth of your home. Nationwide Building Society conducted a survey that revealed that houses with good schools on their door steps can be worth up to £20,000 more than houses within the catchment areas of less desirable schools. When looking to buy or sell a home this information can be really valuable.

Before buying a home you should see which schools are within your catchment area to work out whether this will affect you or not. There are plenty of places online where you can find this information.  On the other hand if you don’t have children then you may snag a bargain in an area with poor schooling. People living there with children may want to move to somewhere better for them and you can go there and not worry about school league tables.

When you’re looking to buy a home we can answer all your questions and help you to decide which area and which home is the best for you. The same applies when you’re looking to sell your home. We can advise on the best approach to take. You just need to pop in and let us show you the way.

Do you have a basement or an attic? Have you ever thought about converting them? It could definitely be worth your while and add a lot of value to your property as well as adding valuable extra space. Before you move house (if you need more space) you should consider adding a conversion or extension. It’s been reported that a loft conversion can add at least 20% to your properties worth.  It can be costly to do a conversion and you may need planning permission but it’s definitely worth doing a few sums.

If you can put a door on your loft conversion you can class it as an extra bedroom and again, this can add considerable value to your property. Taking a 3 bedroom house to a 4 bedroom house can make your home more desirable should you ever decide to sell. Even just making your loft safe for storage can be very helpful and could persuade someone that your house would be a good buy for them when the times comes for you to move on.

Adding a conversion or extension could turn a house you love into your dream home so it’s worth considering. Also take this into consideration when you’re looking to buy. Found a house you love but you’re concerned it’s slightly too small? Could you add an extension of some variety in the future? Have a think about it.

We might be biased but Liverpool is one of the best places to visit whether you’re a resident or a tourist. There’s so much to do and see, you’ll never have a dull moment. Staying in Airbnb’s are the latest trend. They’re a cost effective and fun accommodation to use when on a trip. They’re cheaper than hotels and a lot more unique. You can also find them in the most unexpected of places meaning you can stay somewhere else than the City Centre – if you want to that is.

So, you’re a tourist (or you live here and you’re looking for some inspiration) & we’ve got some great ideas of things for you to do and see in the city.

Food- We’ve all got to eat and you want to choose somewhere worthwhile! Why not go to The Tavern on Smithdown Road for breakfast? They say it’s the best in the city and you won’t be hungry after polishing off a plate of pancakes. If you’re after something healthier to start your day stop by Love Thy Neighbour on Bold Street, get yourself a smoothie and enjoy the funky décor while you’re in there. The recently opened Baltic Food Market is a must see. You can enjoy every kind of independent food in the city under one roof! It’s free to get in and there is something for everyone’s tastes.

Nightlife – Fancy having cocktails at the altar of a beautiful old church? Pop into Alma De Cuba and enjoy a mojito while watching Brazilian dancers shake their stuff on the stage. It’s a classy nightclub with great music and even better vibes. If you’re more into a pint and live music then how about The Jacaranda? With Beatles photos on the wall and beer on draft the laid-back atmosphere guarantees you a good night. Liverpool is known for it's great nightlife and why wouldn't it be? Not every city has a bar that you need to know the secret knock to get into...

Entertainment - For a different kind of night go to Bongos Bingo at the Camp & Furnace. You’ll never have been to bingo like this before. Tickets sell out quickly so you’d need to plan in advance for this one. Ghetto golf at Cains Brewery is another thing you should try while in Liverpool! Cocktails & R’n’B music while having a game of crazy golf, what could be better? Again, book this in advance but it beats a regular night out anytime.

Culture – Liverpool has many fantastic museums that are all worth a visit if you’d like to learn some interesting things about the city. They’re free to visit and great for all the family. We’ve also got some wonderful theatres here so why not see if there’s anything showing and get yourself some tickets.

Shopping – Last but certainly not least, shopping! Liverpool One is the main shopping area here in Liverpool and you’ll find all the big names in the same place. There’s also plenty of restaurants and things going on in this part of the city to make sure you check it out. If you’re after more independent retailers, charity shops and vintage stores then make sure you wander up Bold Street. You’re sure to find something there.  

Whether it’s your first time visiting the city or your hundredth there’s something here for everyone!

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